Arabica Restaurant

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About Arabica Restaurant

Bringing you the best of Arabic cuisine that is guaranteed to satisfy your palate with a fusion of special Arabic flavors,

Served up under one roof. Prepared by experienced cooks who not only handpick the freshest of ingredients but also concoct a meal with finesse and a style only found here.

Happiness is best felt when shared, and we believe this culinary experience is one that would leave you beaming from ear to ear.

Our signature dishes feature the wholesome flavor of Arab cuisine, and every bite is bound to leave your taste buds amazed.

From rice and hot dishes to Arabic BBQ and Arabic desserts and sweets, Arabica has something for everyone. 

We believe in family values and instill that in our restaurant, as this is a smoke-free zone for everyone to enjoy.

So sit back, relax and let us captivate you with our mouth-watering array of food and beverages that would keep you wanting more.

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