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Bringing you the best of Arabic cuisine that is guaranteed to satisfy your palate with a fusion of special Arabic flavors, Served up under one roof. Prepared by experienced cooks who not only handpick the freshest of ingredients but also concoct a meal with finesse and a style only found here.

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Chicken Mandy

Chicken Mandy is a flavorful rice dish with origins in Hadhramaut, Yemen.

Traditionally cooked in a pit with meat (often chicken) and fragrant spices, it’s a popular and hearty staple in Yemeni cuisine.

Our principle

From ingredients to presentation, upholding highest standards, delivering excellence in taste, service & ambiance consistently.
Our space is immaculate, ensuring hygiene and comfort, setting the stage for delightful dining experiences every time.
We prioritize your satisfaction, tailoring every aspect of our service to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.